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Tara and I were roommates my second year of college, along with Jamie. We had an awesome time in our first "apartment" as adults. We would procrastinate writing our history papers and instead dance to Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" and other favorite hits. It was way fun. We originally met in the dorms our first year. She lived a few doors down from Jamie and I and we all decided to move into an apartment together the following year. Throughout the years, she traveled and moved all over the place including London and New York. She currently lives in Santa Cruz and is a high school teacher there and also teaches dance classes regularly. She totally HATES Los Angeles, but is a good sport and visits about once a year. She was also recently married. Yay!! Congrats!


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I met Jon through Nate. They were best friends growing up in St. Louis. He went to Harvey Mudd so sometimes Nate and I would visit him at school when we were in college. We're all grown up now and Jon lives in West LA and works as a computer engineer at an effects animation house. I rarely see him anymore but we do hang out when we can. He is hilarious when intoxicated and is open to talk about anything. He's cool like that.


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Myra "Muppet" and I went to junior high and high school together. She has a wonderful sense of humor and makes me laugh all of the time. I miss her a lot because I only see her a few times a year, if that. She lives in Stockton, which is near Modesto. I never really go to Modesto anymore so I am never really in her neighborhood. We did make a promise to see each other as often as possible. She does have a tendency to wander off though, therefore causing us to coin the phrase, "Where's Myra?" throughout the entire Las Vegas trip. Turns out she was asleep on a bench in front of Caesar's Palace. I guess she was "tired" or something.


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Marita and I go way back to junior high. She and I "kicked it" with Roni a lot and we had good times. She is crazy (in a good way) and I love her for it. She is not judgemental and is very easy to talk to, which is really hard to find nowadays. She can outdrink me every time. She likes Hennesy and "liquid cocaine" shots. I don't even know what is in them, but she made me drink a lot of it in Vegas. She is loyal, loving, honest, and humble. She's also very fun and a great host. She is currently living in the city (SF) with Kristy. Oh, she is also very friendly to cab drivers.


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Alison and I have been friends since junior high...Teel Middle School. She and Jamie lived a few doors down from each other and since I had classes with Jamie, I slowly started to hang out with both of them. We have kept in touch pretty regularly over the years. She is working in research for Genetech up north. She has an affinity towards Asian men, but swears that it's just coincidence. We are helping her branch out at this very moment. Her favorite color is yellow, coincidentally. I love her family and I miss her a lot since we only see each other a few times a year.


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Link: http://hiya.blogs.friendster.com/my_blog

I don't even remember how Ramona and I met to be honest. I am assuming that it was through Kurt because that is the only logical explanation. Our friendship is ever evolvong. We have become closer through the years (as close as we can get with her being in DC and me being in LA). She finished law school recently and is back up North anxiously awaiting her BAR exam results. I am fortunate because she visits LA frequently, so i am able to see her a few times a year. I am also friends with her sister, Kiran, and it's nice to hang with both of them. I seem to get along with Punjabi women. It's great.


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In Wen's own words:

i am a dork-in-denial and a depressed drunk asshole.
i am the same decaying organic matter as everyone else.
i suffer from insomnia and caligynephobia.
i recently moved to corona, ca.
i collect overpriced designer silver accessories.
i prefer pepsi over coke.
i work in the computer effects & games industry.
i am a fashion-whore.
i enjoy visiting and getting lost in random cities.
i kick much ass at karaoke.
i live alone in a house that's way too big for me.
i get off on being withholding.
i tend to order more food than i can eat.
i am too self-conscious to dance.
i look younger than my age.
i like quiet, romantic dinners with my dinner.
i watch dvd commentaries.
i believe in love at first sight.
i suck at talking on the phone.
i own several samurai swords.
i like attention but don't know how to deal with it.
i am addicted to eBay.
i commute 130 miles each day.
i pick up pennies.
i give restaurants fake names when making reservation.
i sleep with the lights and tv on.
i own a small online musical instrument retail business.
i listen to talk radio in my car.
i can't keep plants alive.
i give into peer pressure easily.
i drive too fast.
i am a pathetic excuse for a drummer.


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James "Hockeyboy" and I go way way back. We went to high school together and had so many classes together. He followed me to UCLA and joined the Jewish frat AEPi. He dated my arch-nemesis, but so did many other guys, so I won't hold that against him. We've been trying to keep up with each other's lives as frequently as possible. He is currently an art student in Pasadena and working at some sort of law firm that I don't know the name of. James enjoys black and tans, Neil Diamond, art, the Dodgers, all things Jewish, hockey and girls.

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